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Mike Cash has more than three decades of sales and management experience in areas such as retail, wholesale, financial services, IT and construction industry training, network marketing and direct sales - personally achieving a high performance level in every field he has entered.

This background experience, coupled with his undoubted training ability and motivational, dynamic and humorous speaking style once put him at the forefront of popular motivational speakers in the network marketing industry. 

In the last 20 years he has delivered seminars to tens of thousands of delegates in venues such as the NIA & NEC in Birmingham, the CIA in Cardiff, the TIC in Telford, the London Arena and Wembley Conference Centre, along with numerous regular smaller events at hotel venues across the country. He has also spoken at international venues in Ireland, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, and South Africa.

Now, in response to popular demand, and whilst still speaking for various companies in the network marketing and direct sales industry, Mike is reaching out to young people starting out in their careers, ambitious individuals seeking new opportunities for personal development with life balance and also to companies whose management and sales force are looking for training in peak performance and motivation for outstanding action.

If you’re a conference organiser looking for a motivational speaker with humour, flair, insight and commitment why not consider booking Mike Cash for your corporate event? Whether it’s a ‘full on’ motivational stage performance, a training session for smaller groups and teams, a humorous after dinner talk or individual consultations for key personnel, Mind Full Coaching Ltd can provide a tailored solution to your training needs.

If part of your remit in education is organising outside industry leaders to speak to your school then Mike can provide an engaging inspirational talk for your young adults preparing to enter the workplace.

If you’re fed up with your current job or career; feeling tired of being in a rut and seriously ready to do something about it, then perhaps you should get in touch with us and discuss the situation with Mike. He’ll tell you there are always great opportunities for the right people who just need a helping hand to get started.

Take a look through our website, then email us with your personal or corporate enquiry, and Mike will get back to you personally for an informal discussion. We can help companies and people to excel - but only if they get in touch!

Thank you for visiting us, and please enjoy the rest of your time on our site.

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“Thank you for your presentations, targeted toward our various leadership levels. Your enthusiasm, passion and ability to communicate on a relatable level motivated and inspired the audience. The messages were delivered skillfully and professionally which resulted in relatability to the groups. The groups learnt a lot and we hope to have you back soon”.

Steve Morley

Director of Marketing and Compliance

Europe Region & UK Country Manager

Tiens UK Ltd

“Mike is a superb and dynamic motivator. His session with us was well researched and highly informative. Our team are now more effective, and a lot more goal orientated. We will be using his services again in the near future”.


Robert Gray


R Gray Associates Ltd

“Mike is an excellent speaker and trainer and my business grew considerably each session he addressed my team. He is top quality, funny and dynamic. People went away motivated and knowing clearly both the principles of success and with a road map for that success”.

Bob Gregson

Business Consultant

International Business Systems

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike for over 26 years, he is an excellent public speaker, and brings emotion and humour to his speeches. He is a great motivator, leads by example, and tells it as it is. I recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a great trainer, a great speaker, and someone who walks the talk”.

Mike Mee-Bishop


MMB Sales Training

“Having seen Mike Cash’s amazing stage performance at the Telford International Centre, we were delighted to be able to obtain his services. His training input with our field advisors and customer service team has been invaluable”.

Scott Edwards

Customer Service Manager

LearningLolly IT Training Company

“Having known Mike for many, many years and heard him speak at the huge venues like the NEC and NIA in Birmingham, I can honestly say he comes very highly recommended”.

Pete Robinson

Social Media Entrepreneur